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At Trutina Pharmacy, we consistently strive to provide you with products of exceptional quality. We achieve this by using high quality equipment and products. Especially important is the fact that all of our chemicals are from FDA registered suppliers, whose product testing and quality assurance exceeds USP standards for each chemical.

Trutina Pharmacy utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Designed to assure sterility, our clean rooms and aseptic environment are USP< 797 > certified. Our sterile products are compounded in Class 1000 (IS06) clean rooms. As a further guarantee of product integrity, Trutina Pharmacy has the potency and stability of our products verified by an independent laboratory . It’s just one more check and balance we implement to leave no doubt that the Trutina Pharmacy seal stands for quality, purity and sterility.

At Trutina Pharmacy, we know that having high quality facilities, equipment and maintaining stringent standards means nothing unless you have the best people to put it all together. With expertise that encompasses every facet of pharmaceutical compounding, our staff are symbolic of the quality we strive to maintain in order to provide you with today’s finest assortment of compounded products.